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Colorado – Home of the Angels’ Fire Salsa.

Angels’ Fire Salsa is made here in Colorado. We pride ourselves in utilizing local ingredients from local farmers first!  We then try to get Regionally.  Then the USA.  Colorado has been good to us, and we wish to return back whenever possible.

If anyone has any ideas or better ways to help locally, let us know!  We thrive on input from our neighbors and friends!

Kelly Nordstom is Cooking Up New Products!

Here at Angels’ Fire Salsa, we are committed to providing a hearty, robust and 100% natural product line of salsa’s. 

In the near future we will be providing seasonal, specialty and unique products!  We will be as natural and wholesome as possible on these items.

Please check back often to catch our “on-line only”  items! Or sign up for the newsletter and updates! 

In the future we will be offering a Extra HOT Jolokia salsa!

We will only offer this on-line and you will have to agree to some requirements to buy.  We just don’t want any kids or people getting hurt.  We will be sending e-mails and media when that happens.



Hey there!  Welcome to Angels’ Fire Salsa!  We appreciate you stopping by to check out our website!
We have worked really hard to bring to you our family line of products.  We have sent out and sampled out 1000’s of samples to achieve what we think is the best salsa.  Please enjoy our salsa by going to the “store” here on the website!
With all the good feedback that we have had, we are so excited to get our products out and in stores… plus, we have it ready for internet sales.
Feel free to E-Mail us with any questions you may have!

If you have a store and would like to bring us on,  feel free to click on the “request a Demo” button.  Insert your information and we will contact you!  Keep in mind we are always doing demonstrations!  We book up quick!    Thanks again!  Enjoy!

Salsa Is Good For You!

Eat healthy…choose salsa!

When you think of condiments, what comes to mind? Ketchup, mustard and other condiments that have been in American culture for a very long time.


Recently, with globalization, we have seen and tasted foods from all over the world. Salsa has become the most popular condiment in the United States. According to sales records, salsa has taken over the top spot from ketchup. Unlike ketchup, salsa is easily made at home and offers a variety of ingredients and variations. You can increasingly see salsa being used on a variety of foods. It’s successfully integrated its way into American foods. The other day, I saw somebody adding it to their baked potato.

Although tomatoes are the main ingredient of salsa, many times, you’ll see salsa without tomatoes. Fruit salsa (mango salsa) is becoming a very popular alternative to the traditional tomato salsa. Originally used strictly with Mexican food (salsa means sauce in Spanish), salsa is now being used with such things as eggs, potatoes, burgers and other foods. Since salsa is so easy to make, you can have many types of fresh salsa in your refrigerator at all times. If you like especially spicy food, you can add extra spice to your recipe. Certain cultures that enjoy spicy food (Indian) also enjoy making and using homemade salsa. Even cultures that aren’t used to spicy food  enjoy using salsa (although, a milder version of salsa) with their dishes.

Now, let’s turn to the healthy aspect of salsa. With so much flavor, it’s hard to believe that salsa is actually very healthy for you. Salsa adds an extra serving of fruits or vegetables. The only downside of eating store salsa is that they are typically high in sodium and sugar products (not high in fat). When you make salsa at home, there is nothing unhealthy about it. A tablespoon of a condiment, whether ketchup or salsa, cannot supply a very large amount of nutrients, no matter what the ingredients.

But in larger portions, the various vegetables and fruits in salsa can supply a wide range of antioxidant vitamins, natural phytochemicals (such as lycopene in tomatoes), and the mineral potassium that is in such short supply in our diets. Also, researchers have identified a compound in cilantro, a key flavor component of salsa and a variety of other dishes, that kills harmful Salmonella bacteria and shows promise as a safe, natural food additive that could help prevent foodborne illness, according to a joint study by U.S. and Mexican researchers.

The compound — dodecenal — was isolated from the fresh leaves of cilantro, or coriander, one of the main ingredients found in salsa, along with tomatoes, onions and green chilies. The compound also is found in the seeds of cilantro. Both leaves and seeds contain about the same amount of dodecenal, but the leaves are used more abundantly in salsa.

Basically, who doesn’t love salsa? So, the next time you think of reaching for the ketchup, think about grabbing some salsa instead. Before you know it, salsa will be served with everything.

Source: Free Articles

Salsa, On Your Table!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!

It’s awesome anytime!

For Breakfast!
Give your eggs, hash browns, omelets and even toast an extra kick!

For Lunch the possibilities are numerous!  Here are just a couple suggestions.
Try it on hamburgers, hot dogs or a grilled chicken sandwich.  For a really healthy lunch… a salad with our salsa on top!

For Dinner, wow!
Try it over rice as a side dish!  Compliment your fresh fish, chicken or steaks!  Stuff your pork chops with Angels’ Fire Salsa and cheese!

For Snacks, it’s pretty obvious!
Chips and Angels’ Fire Salsa!  We have found that our Salsa is a favorite at all gatherings.  From weddings to a “Tail-gate” party!  You can’t lose!

Angels’ Fire Salsa is there to make ANY dining experience just a little more adventurous and enjoyable for you and yours!