Salsa Veggies

Cal & Kelly’s Salsa Story


In 1987, two best friends in the Army found different paths in life and moved on in their separate ways. Sadly, contact was lost, as sometimes happens. Fortunately, years later, while browsing around on the internet, they found each other again and immediately reunited! ( 2010) It was as if not a day had passed since they’d lost each other. The friendship was stronger than ever! Now, the two best friends found that they had something new in common. He was an ambitious entrepreneur with a yummy salsa recipe that he wanted to market. She was now a chef with a passion for creating new flavors. So they put their heads and ambitions together and came up with… Angels’ Fire Black Bean Chili Salsa and  then 5 years later, Angels’ Fire Salsa Peach Salsa! Oh, yeah! They got married too! So, what this happy couple has created for you is a fabulous condiment that will compliment any meal.

We hope you enjoy this salsa as much as we’ve enjoyed making it for you! Share it with your whole family tonight! Happy & Healthy Dining, “Angels’ Fire Salsa” Family