A Big SHOUT OUT and THANKS to our contributors and supporters


Thanks to Alan Espasandin of http://www.truearth.tv/
As well as Espasandin Productions and Pacific River, LLC
Without Alan; We would never have had a clue on so many levels! Thank you for the love and patience!

We wish to also thank Roi Holt and the Tom Nordstrom families for their contributions and support!

We also would like to thank Tony Martinez for all his help!

Justin Petersmeyer accounting.

Then we have David (DJ) Eaton! Father with a baseball team! LOL! Thank you for your help and ongoing teachings!

We wish to also thank Ben Herrick and Seth Beamer for their artistic work on the music for our site!!

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Wish to thank  Amber D Photography, (Facebook site) for her work on the pictures for our website!

We wish to also thank Wendy White with Colorado Proud for helping us!

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Chuck Catlin. 602/769/1418  Thanks for helping with our HAACP and Process Authority!