Salsa Veggies

Angels’ Fire Salsa

IMG_0960aThank you for taking time to check out our family of salsa! sep1 Our GOURMET specialized salsas are nothing you have had before. AND NO, we are not just a “burn your mouth off” salsa company. Quite the opposite; our salsas have flavor and vary in temperature so you can choose one according to your liking. Our chili style salsa is hearty and smooth. Vegetarians and Vegans…. Do not fear!! There are NO meats, meat stocks or dairy products added to the recipe! Many of us have other dietary needs as well! This product is high-glucose, hypertension and high-cholesterol friendly too! We do not add Gluten either.  (We currently co-pack at a facility that produces pasta sometimes. If you have Celiac, this may be an issue).

We are also a NON-GMO product!

We add no additional sugars, salts or unnatural preservatives. Nor do we add water or extra tomato juice! We hope you enjoy this salsa as much as we’ve enjoyed making it for you. Sincerely; Calvin and Kelly Nordstrom.